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Spiders are often one of the most-feared pests. Even though beneficial for our ecosystem, most people prefer spiders to stay outside where they belong. Here in the Seattle area, most species of spiders can not survive indoors as their systems are built for outdoor weather, however there’s a few species of spiders that can live indoors, and these types are the ones most people encounter.

The key to understanding the reasons you have spiders in your home or business is knowing what is attracting them inside. This page has been compiled to help homeowners and business owners alike understand the type of spiders they’re dealing with, if they’re dangerous, and how best to get rid of them.

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Spider Infestation Resources & Information

Spiders in your home or business can be unnerving for many people. The keys to understanding a spider infestation in your home or business is to understand first what attracted the spiders in your home, how they got there in the first place, and why they’re staying. Spiders as a general rule like it outdoors more than indoors as food should be more plentiful outside, and their body’s are generally built better for outdoors. Below we’ve compiled reasons behind indoor spider infestations, and the best ways to handle these unwelcome invaders.

Most spiders here it the northwest are not poisonous, but if you think you’re dealing with a poisonous spider infestation, we recommend seeking experienced spider extermination help.

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