Crawl Space Restoration & Clean Up


Crawl Space Damaged by Rodent Infestation Portland,Beaverton, Oregon City

Crawl Space Damaged By Rodent & Wildlife Infestation

Tough Bug Solutions provides excellent service in cleanup and crawlspace repair and restoration in Portland OR, Beaverton OR, Oregon City. Specializing in damage caused by mice, rats, rodents, and other common pests. While pests occupy a crawlspace, they often leave behind quite a mess consisting of urine, feces or other waste. When this occurs, our highly trained professionals at Tough Bug Solutions carefully and efficiently remove infected insulation, and secure the area. We work to eliminate any current problems in crawl space insulation and do our best to anticipate any future pest control issues.

Repairing Crawl Space Damage Through Restoration

The existence of rodents and unwanted pests in your crawlspace may also cause mold growth and wood rot, which can be harmful to humans. These conditions are caused by urine, feces and carcasses left behind. They are also known for damaging insulation, and vapor barriers for use of nesting materials, and warmth.

Proper Crawl Space Clean Up

We strongly suggest hiring professionals such as Tough Bug Solutions for crawlspace repair and restoration. They have extensive training and are fully equipped to clean, sanitize and repair your crawlspace after a rodent infestation. Hiring professionals will give you peace of mind that you and your family continue to be healthy and safe. They will also ensure that additional problems won’t take place in the future. Without the proper treatment and repair urine and feces will begin to produce a horrible odor, especially during the warmer months. The odor can travel throughout your home, and even to the exterior of your home, depending on how severe the infestation is and the period of time it has been in place. Most importantly, these conditions may cause major bacterial issues causing the crawlspace to be contaminated and unsafe. A huge health concern is that your heating and air conditioning duct lines commonly run through the crawlspace which can draw the contaminated air into the home.

Rodent and Wildlife Crawl Space Clean Up

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Replacement Portland, Beaverton, Oregon City

Crawl Space Restored

Tough Bug Solution’s Crawlspace Rodent Cleanup Service guarantees a brand new look and feel for the infected area. Our team will start by cleaning up and disposing of any nesting materials, debris, rodent carcasses, and all other infected objects in the crawlspace. We then will remove by sweeping out the foundation, sill plates, and duct lines to rid any feces or other waste left behind. Any damaged, or contaminated insulation will be bagged up and disposed of. Lastly, we safely and securely remove the damage vapor barriers. This end process helps avoid any further contamination from spreading within the home.

Crawl Space Disinfecting From Bacteria and Mold

We will also inspect and seal if necessary, any openings where rodents or other creatures may have access to This final step is a very important element in eliminating any future problems with mold growth, bacteria and unwanted pests. Once we have the area clean, we will disinfectant, and begin insulation and vapor barrier repairs. For your crawlspace clean up and repairs, Tough Bug Solutions is the place to turn for all crawlspace repair and restoration needs in Portland OR, Beaverton OR, Oregon City.

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