Woodboring Beetle

  • Color: Metallic woodboring beetles or jewel-beetles are known for their shiny iridescent colors. Wing-covers of some species are metallic green, copper, black, or blue.
  • Body Size: 0.24 to 0.98 inches (6–25 mm) long.
  • Found: The larvae of this beetle burrows into plants through roots and logs or from within the bark to the inner cambium layers. They are known as leaf and stem miners of woody plants. Woodboring species attack dying trees or dead branches on healthy trees. These beetles are attracted to alder, rose bushes, blue beech, ironwood, and hazelnut plants.
  • Threats: Woodboring beetles leave shot holes and frass (sawdust) in hardwood flooring, beams, and joists. Beetle infested wood contain tunnels filled with this frass. Recreation and log homes are susceptible to beetle attacks due to high moisture due to intermittent heat or inadequate ventilation; weakening the structure of the homes.


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