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With our professionally trained and certified technicians, state-of-the-art tools, and wealth of experience and expertise, you can sleep well each night knowing that your family, your home, and your business are protected with Tough Bug Solutions expertise.


Even though insects and rodents are usually small in size, they can scare away customers and pose health risks to employees. Since it is important to keep a business free of these problems, it is wise to hire a commercial pest control company to prevent and remove infestations. Tough Bug Solutions has provided quality pest control services to the Portland Oregon metro area, and surrounding surrounding cities so that your company’s environment remains safe and customer-friendly.

Commercial, Retail, Restaurants

A pest infestation within your commercial business can mean trouble for your bottom line.

Stored Product Pests

Stored Product Pests include several beetles, moths and a mite that can infest whole grains or processed foods.


Tough Bug Solutions is a second generation, family owned and operated pest control business in the Portland Oregon area. Protecting your health and home in an environmentally responsible way must go hand in hand and has been the cornerstone of our company since its inception. We employ environmentally responsible pest control technologies and techniques to insure that your family and pets are cared for while discouraging pests from  taking up residence in your home.

Residential Pest Evaluation

Our friendly staff will help advise you of what steps you can take in preparation of one of our Technician’s initial visit to your home.

Multi-Family Home Pest Control

Apartment and Condominiums are particularly susceptible to pest problems

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Bed Bug


Bed Bugs are a dreaded pest for homeowners and business owners alike. We’ll take care of them for you!

Inspections and First Time Customers


A thorough structural pest inspection includes a complete examination of your property both inside and outside.



Our licensed pest control specialists would be happy to rid you of that nasty nuisance and show you how to prevent a future infestation.

We Protect Commercial and Residential from…

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