Wood Destroying Pest Control – Pest Inspection Reports

Oregon State is known for its beautiful landscape and vegetation due to the consistently wet conditions. Although Portland Oregon has its many charms, it also provides the ideal environment for wood destroying organisms to infest the structures of homes and buildings. Wood destroying organisms by Tough Bug Solutions in Portland OR Beaverton and Tigard OregonUnfortunately, structural pest infestations are common occurrences, however with regular building inspections, significant damage to your property can be prevented and avoided. Home and business owners in the greater Portland area are admonished to get structural pest inspections roughly every three years to prevent the onset of a wood destroying organism infestation.

Generally, structural pest inspections are affordable and certainly worth the investment. Pest inspections are not required in Orgon pending the sale of a property. Although it is not required by state law, often times lending companies require a pest inspection pending approval. Even if your lending company does not require a structural pest inspection, it is highly encouraged as neglecting to do so can cost you greatly.

What is a Pest Inspection? Do they Catch Wood Destroying Pests?

A thorough structural pest inspection includes a complete examination of your property both inside and outside.

  • During the inspection, your pest inspector will be looking for evidence of an infestation along with identifying risk factors that could lead to a problem in the future.
  • The most prevailing wood destroying pests in the Portland area include wood decay fungi (wood rot), carpenter ants, wood infesting beetles, and termites.
  • Wood rot is typically the most common issue, however the presence of this type of pest usually results in the manifestation of wood destroying insects.

Catch Termites on Your Property with a Pest Inspection!

If you are in need of a reputable wood destroying organism pest inspection, look no further. Proudly serving the structural pest inspection needs of the Portland, Beaverton, and Oregon City areas, Tough Bug Solutions is licensed and garanteed to provide detailed written reports on your property. A licensed and reconized pest inspector will clearly explain the findings of the report and then recommend a plan of action if needed. Call now for more information or to schedule your structural pest inspection today.


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