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Proactive commercial pest control administered by Tough Bug Solutions is a key ingredient for maintaining the health, appearance and atmosphere of commercial buildings and businesses. Clean facilities are conducive to better business and increased productivity. Office buildings, strip malls and other commercial properties have to be especially mindful of their image. The constant stream of visitors in and out of commercial properties provide pests with ample opportunity to enter a building. Once inside, food sold in stores or consumed by employees can double as meals for the pests unless it is properly stored and disposed of. Blood-loving bedbugs will come in on someone’s belongings and move into office furniture. As they move through ventilation or onto people’s belongings, pests can rapidly become a building-wide problem. Year-round prevention and quick action with retail and office building pest extermination services is the most efficient solution.

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Commercial Property Pest Control

Pests will happily move into office buildings, strip malls, retail stores, multi-use buildings, recreation centers, gyms and service establishments. All they need is an access point and just enough food to give them a reason to continue coming in. Almost any type of pest will move into a commercial property, but some are more common than others. Gnats, flies, cockroaches and mice are frequent problems. While less common, bedbugs can also find their way into offices.

Extermination and Pest Management Action Plans

Once a pest problem is identified, a multi-pronged commercial buildings pest control approach is often best for eliminating the issue and keeping it from returning. Indoor air quality is a chief concern for closed systems like commercial buildings. Tough Bug prioritizes non-toxic and low-hazard retail and office building pest extermination solutions.  Be proactive with education and regular inspections as they are often the most effective tools for commercial properties. Learning how to make the building less accessible and alluring to pests can help keep problems to a minimum saving you time and money.

Commercial Extermination Services


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Commercial Building Pest Inspections

Retail properties and offices may seem like a dull spot for pests, but there are a surprising number of places for pests to thrive inside the average commercial property. Tough Bug will inspect common areas of concern, including:

  • Break rooms, particularly around spills, dirty sinks and improperly stored food Storage areas
  • Moisture problems caused by pipes or roof leaks
  • Overwatered potted plants
  • Cracks and crevices where pests can slip in or hide, including semi-exterior structures like parking garages
  • Improper seals and screens around doors and windows
  • Exterior doors and loading areas left open
  • Outdoor garbage areas