Tough Bug Solutions has been providing commercial pest control services for two generations in the Portland, Oregon area.  A pest infestation within your commercial business can mean trouble for your bottom line. Unfortunately, pest control issues can arise for a wide variety of reasons which at times cannot be eliminated without the assistance of a licensed and seasoned commercial pest control professional.  We incorporate the environmentally sensitive principles of pest control to create a customized sustainable pest control program for you, to effectively manage and mitigate any pest issues often found in commercial facilities.

Commercial Pest Control extermination by Tough Bug Solutions near Portland Oregon

Commercial Pest Control

Tough Bug Solutions is highly experienced when it comes to providing unparalleled pest control protection to commercial properties. A wide range from office complexes, to retail environments, hotel, restaurant and shopping centers, Tough Bug can help.


Restaurant Pest Control

The key to your restaurant’s success is offering your customers a pest free environment. Having pest issues in the restaurant industry is a problem no one wants. Tough Bug Solutions offers expert help to create and maintain a healthy environment for your guests.


Stored Food Pest Control

These pests include beetles, moths and mites that can infest whole grains or processed foods. Usually, the first signs of a food pest issue are small beetles crawling over counter tops, caterpillars crawling up walls or small moths. We here at Tough Bug Solutions can help.


Pest Inspection Reports

Although the Pacific Northwest has its charms, it also provides the ideal environment for wood destroying organisms to infest the structures of homes and buildings. With annual building inspections, damage to your property can be prevented and avoided, saving you money.

Tough Bug Solutions understands the importance of being discreet and sensitive when helping commercial businesses eradicate pest infestations in the Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Tigard, OR areas.  Don’t delay!  Address the issue immediately as there are many consequences associated with a commercial pest infestation.  Consequences include but not limited too a tarnished reputation, health risks and illness, loss of income and fines from the city. Call now to schedule a commercial pest inspection!


Tough Bug Solutions would be happy to conduct a comprehensive commercial pest inspection and provide you with a personalized and tailored plan for your business to remain pest free for years to come. All pest control methods are eco-friendly and reflect industry best practices for commercial pest extermination. Any questions or concerns you may have will be answered patiently by a reputable professional. Contact Tough Bug Solutions for more information.

Commercial Pest Control Reviews

Jalon was professional, prompt, knowledgeable and he put my mind at ease. He did a thorough inspection and made some great recommendations. I will trust Tough Bug Solutions with all my future pest control needs! – Elen Rakow

Tough Bug Solutions was the best Pest Control company I have every dealt with. They were very professional, thorough and they did the job in a timely manner. They solved my bug problem in a very short time. I think the fact that they were very honest and upfront about everything was a nice bonus. I highly recommend them to my friends and family and that is high praise. – Michael Kolb

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Experience, Expertise & Unsurpassed Customer Service:

  • Apartment Complexes / Multi-Tenant Buildings
  • Property Managers and Owners
  • Healthcare – Doctor / Dentist Offices
  • Warehouses / Industrial Complexes
  • Schools / Day Cares – Public & Private
  • Food Service – Restaurants & Cafeterias
  • Food Processing – Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Other Commercial Buildings (banks, churches, offices, etc.)

We also provide:

  • We provide Guaranteed Pest Extermination Options
  • A Commercial Protection Guarantee
  • No Long Term Contracts

For two generations Tough Bug Solutions has serviced our pest control customers with an unwavering commitment to quality pest control services. Find out why Tough Bug Solutions has stood the test of time, give us a call today.

Local Commercial Pest Exterminators

If you are experiencing a commercial pest infestation, call Tough Bug Solutions right away.

  • A licensed pest control specialist would be happy to rid you of that nasty nuisance and show you how to prevent a future infestation
  • Commercial grade pests can oftentimes be very resilient, so if you have tried to eliminate the problem and have not been successful, you may need to take the next step
  • Tough Bugs Solutions provides Integrated Pest Management services that are guaranteed to get to the root of the problem and also solve it quickly.

Some pests have the potential to cause some serious damage to your home. For example, wood pests such as termites and carpenter ants can actually compromise the structural integrity of your property if left uncontrolled which could diminish the value of your property. If you suspect you may be dealing with a pest infestation, call Tough Bug Solutions for an inspection.