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If you are dealing with a residential bed bug infestation you are going to need the help of a home bed bug removal expert. Tough Bug Solutions has compiled frequently asked questions for people facing infestation by this common household pest. Tough Bug Solutions always offers free phone advice to those dealing with bed bugs in their home.

It is estimated that one in five American households has experienced a bed bug infestation or knows someone who has. Home bed bug removal continues to be a popular services for pest professionals nationwide as these pests continue to grow spreading infestations through various mean into unsuspecting homes.

Due to the nature of bed bugs, bed bug extermination is challenging, tedious, and difficult. Bed bugs are resilient and not an easy pest to remove. They can appear anywhere, as they travel and spread through people and pets. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs infest any type of home, clean or dirty. Additionally, they are not seasonal pests and thrive all year long no matter the weather.

Attempting to eradicate a bed bug infestation through do-it-yourself methods will likely result in frustration because successful treatment plans include weeks of concentrated and diligent effort with the assistance of a certified home bed bug removal professional.

If you decide that you need professional bed bug extermination services, Tough Bug Solutions offers certified expert help to get your home bed bug free. Call to schedule an individual assessment of your specific situation, along with a personalized treatment plan.

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Bed Bug Infestation Resources & Information

Bed Bugs are a dreaded pest for homeowners and business owners alike. The thought of these unwelcome pests invading your home can be a stressful ordeal, and for businesses, the repercussions in today’s fast moving online world can have devastating consequences. Tough Bug Solutions has put this bed bug information center together to help both homeowners and businesses make smart decisions when it comes to dealing with a Bed Bug infestations.

If you decide you need professional help, Tough Bug Solutions offers free expert phone help to answer any questions you may have.

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